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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Picture Perfect Friends
If you look inside my heart
Surely you would see
How much your love and loyalty
Truly mean to me
It's wonderful just knowing
That you are always there
Without a spoken word....
I know how much you care
The memories we've shared together
Time cannot erase
Nor could I find a friend
To ever take your place
May this special bond unite
All of our days
For I will be your friend
Forever and always

Jamie, Brenda, Carrie, Amy, Becky, Tabitha
(way bad pic, but the only one I have with Jamie, we should take care of that Jam!)
Amy, Brenda, Becky, Carrie
Corey, Me, Gavin and Mandy
(Mandy! Can you believe I do not own any pics of us together in the last 10 years of our friendship!!!! Do you have any for me?)
Top - Carrie, Becky, Brenda Bottom - Dianna, Jo, Amelia, Marinda
My sister-in-laws - Aria, Brenda, Lindsey, Hillary, Shar
Love these girls!!! Kenzie, Sami and Lexi
(Madi, the picture of me and you at your baptism should go here! Tell your mom to get it to me!)
Nichole, Shar, Aria, Me
Me and Carrie
Carrie takin' a licken'! As usual......stop kidding yourself, you love it!!!!
My Family, My Sisters, My Nieces and My Mom!
Two chubbies on a little bike! HAHAHAHA good times! Seriously, who thought this was a kodak moment!?Becky, Carrie, Brenda, Aria

I count myself very blessed to have so many women in my life that mean so much to me. as Christmas is a time to count my blessings, I want to express how much you all have impacted my life. I love and miss you all, if you can't tell I am a bit homesick for my girlfriends, I guess I have taken you all for granted. I miss being able to spend time with my ladies whenever I want. I hope all of your christmas' are wonderful! I will be thinking of you all! Love ya TONS!

The above poem was given to me by my sweet friend Jamie, she is someone I have become close to very fast, she is caring, loving and very sensitive to the needs of those around her. She is a great example of friendship to me, I love you tons Jamie, miss you much!


Friday, November 21, 2008

A Night (and morning) of Twilight

Carrie dawning her Team Edward fashion T, Brenda flaunting her Cullen coat of arms hoodie, Amelia strutting her McDreamy, McSteamy, McSparkly classic T, Aria making a production in her Team Edward - Cause Jacob doesn't Sparkle couture (check the hooker boots!), and Becky sporting her Team Jacob attire (she's not afraid to be different!)
We arrived at the "Prom" fashionably late, around 9:30pm and were ushered down the red carpet, flashes going off all around us! (VIP's remember?!? ;) Using the VIP entrance, we made our appearance at the first ever Twilight Prom where we were assaulted with every Twilight product we could even imagine, food named after all the characters, a blood chocolate fountain, Alice's salon and so much more!
Having a moment with Edward.....Carrie (before picture) getting her locks done.Super Hot! (after photo) Now you are ready for the prom Carrie!
Becky (forcibly) having her nails painted black. Bec, I think she got some on your knuckles.....

Getting ready for the movie to start!

SUPER fun movie and well worth the wait and anticipation! I loved it!!! I won't go into detail, as not to spoil it for everyone, but I will say the crooked smile is super hot and definitely Edward grew on me!

All in all, a really fun night with my best girl friends who I love dearly! (missed you Amy! ;)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Twilight Eve!

Twas the night before twilight.....
......you are seeing it correctly, I am in pocession of a Twilight Prom VIP pass for the midnight showing tomorrow night! I am all geared up with my "TEAM EDWARD" shirt and my "Cullen" coat of arms zip hoodie, my VIP pass and my "Superman wears Alice Cullen Pajamas" car vinyl, I guess you can say I am 100% ready and super excited for my girls night out!
(or as Corey refers to it, "Our night of Mormon Porn")
I know it's silly but silly is fun......right?!?!?!
I honor and anticipation of this event, I have filled my playlist with some songs from the twilight soundtrack. Which, incidently, has hit #1 and has become only the second soundtrack in history to become #1 BEFORE a movie is released! (eat Edwards shorts Eminem!) Thanks to all the MoMo moms (not making fun, I bought it too!)

A special shout to Aria for making this all possible! I Heart You!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Twilighters Anonymous Quiz

My friend Heather had this on her blog yesterday and of course I had to participate! So, here are the results, check it out, who are you? www.twilightersanonymous.com

You are intelligent, outgoing & stylish. A true girly girl, you love shopping & makeovers.
Although you are a generous friend, you can be coy, tricky & very persuasive in order to
get your way. You are known to zone out occasionally during conversations, but your
friends forgive you because you are understanding, supportive & know how to throw one
heck of a party!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Tagged.....By 8's

I have been tagged!!! Everything in 8's...so here we go!

8 Favorite TV shows:
-Lipstick Jungle
-Gray's Anatomy
-Brothers and Sisters
-Private Practice
-Criminal Minds
-Desperate Housewives
-Big Bang Theory
-The Office

8 Favorite Restaurants:
-Asian Star
-Paradise Bakery
-AWESOME place in Aspen that I can't remember the name but next time I am so getting the "Big Ass Pickle" as the call it on the menu (right Carrie?)

8 Things I did Yesterday:
-Drank an exorbitant amount of Diet Pepsi and Diet Dr. Pepper
-Took Malik to school
-Played a serious game of Domino's
-Went "rock-a-rocka" with Jorie while reading to Rhys
-Did 4 days worth of dishes
-Helped Annette complete vinyl enrichment projects
-Missed my husband (about once an hour if I recall)

8 Things I am looking forward too:
-Corey coming home tonight!
-Vegas and Mama Mia with my favorite ladies!
-Chicago and Dirty Dancing with my lover.....
-Taking the kids to Disneyland for the first time in the Spring (oh ya, I have NEVER been either!)
-Malik's baptism in April
-Friends coming to visit, Carrie's birthday and New Years (I know this sounds like more than one but it's all happening at the same time)
-Having my Tarot cards read.
-The "Prom" (that's right, Aria, Carrie, Becky and I are gracing the Twilight Prom on Nov. 20th)

8 Things I love about Fall:
-The leaves!
-My kids playing in the leaves
-Carmel apples (OK, I like them in the spring, summer and winter
-Thanksgiving (love stuffing)
-Sweater/Sweatshirt weather
-Not sweating like a pig
-Mulled Cider
-Leaving my windows cracked at night in my bedroom and waking up snugly in my bed with cool air all around me.

8 Things on my Wish List:
-6 extra feet in the back of the Tahoe
-Bedroom furniture
-Build my dream house
-That Malik won;t cry over the move anymore (I don't think my heart can take it!)
-A super long romantic kiss with Corey (TMI right? I really am missing him)
-A mud room
-A linen closet
-Last but not least, no more tears......I wish for smiles, lost of quality time, and years of fun memories with friends who have become family and family who have become my friends.

8 People I Tag:

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Baby Shower Game - Redone

So, it's really no secret that I am a pig. OK, maybe it is, I have come to realize I am the best hider in the world! I have way to many stashes that need to be visited once in awhile and seeing how we are beginning to move, I thought I should start with the small stashes and move to the big ones. Which means, the kitchen junk drawer........ don't even pretend you don't have one!

Alright, here's the "baby shower" game. Remember this one, the host brings out a basket full of baby paraphenalia, lets you have a quick look then takes it away and asks you write down as many thing as you can remember from memory. Take a look at the photo for a few seconds (don't cheat!) then go into comments and write as many things as you can remember.
Could be fun, right?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Betty Crapper

-Definitions found in Wikipedia-

Betty Crocker, an invented persona and cultural icon, is a brand name and trademark of American food company General Mills. The name was first developed by the Washburn Crosby Company in 1921 as a way to give a personalized response to consumer product questions. The name Betty was selected because it was viewed as a cheery, All-American name. It was paired with the last name Crocker, in honor of William Crocker, a Washburn Crosby Company director.

Betty Crapper, an actual person living in Murray, Utah. In 1998 she began trying her hand at cooking and baking with dire results. The name Betty Crapper, soon became her affectionately given name by many who were effected by her "crappy" skills in the kitchen. (anyone remember the monkey bread incident?)

Once again, I fell into a delusional state and had myself convinced that I could bake. My attempt at zucchini bread...... failed miserably. I am mystified!!! It started out so well, I followed the instructions given by Ms. Paula Dean, to a T. Where I went wrong is a total mystery, but true to form, there was smoke and lots of it. Unbelievable! I keep thinking at some point I will be rewarded for my efforts, but not this time.
Sorry Betty, I think you suck!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Nichole - my Cousin, my Sister, my Friend

You should all be so lucky to have Nichole in your lives. On the other hand, I may just keep her to myself, that is how much I love her. Through a series of events in the last 6 months, I have been blessed to spend an unusual amount of time with her, seeing how she lives in Phoenix. I feel like we have been able to talk more and get to know each other more. I have found that we have much more in common than just our birthday. She is a wonderful mom. I love to watch her with her two children, she is patient and loving. She adores doing things for her family, and lives to make sure Ryan and the kids are happy and taken care of. I'm pretty sure Ryan thinks she hung the moon. The way he is with her speaks volumes, simply put you can tell he adores her. She is a very devoted sister. She loves her family and speaks very highly of them. She is an amazing hostess! Every time we visit their home, she has prepared a huge breakfast spread that makes us all look bad (you should see the looks that I get from Corey that say, "Why can't you do this?"), and always has plenty of home made treats for everyone. Aside from that she is a wonderful cook, she is my hero when it comes to baking/cooking! She is also super creative and clever when it comes to her home, scrapbooks and card making.

Plain and simply, I really love Nichole and hope you are lucky enough
one day to meet her if you haven't already!
Hillary, Nichole, Me
Nichole, Ryan, Corey, Me

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Quirky? Me?

I was tagged by Carrie, if you want to see some real quirks, visit her list....hahaha

1. List person (s) who tagged you
2. Mention rules on my blog
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular Quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 fellow bloggers

Here I go....

1. When I am tired I twist my hair around my finger.

2. I rarely make it until noon without a Diet Pepsi.

3. I love my pillow! A sure fire way to ruin a good nights sleep is not having my pillow with me, I take it everywhere!

4. I have a jelly bean obsession - not just any jelly beans though - Jelly Belly!

5. I am a closet addict of teen dramas (ie: Dawson's Creek) and stupid love reality shows (ie:the Bachelor/Bachlorette).

6. I loath open drawers and cabinets!

I now tag: Mandy, Shar, Shaylah, Kyndi, Kesha, Nichole

BUM Game

Here's how to play.....
Match the bum to the name, if you are right, you win a free vinyl saying.
Bum #1

Bum #2

Bum #3

Bum #4

Bum #5

Aria - Lindsey - Brenda - Nichole - Shar

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Value of Friends

I don't believe I take the time that I should to recognize and thank the people in my life that mean the most to me. I suppose this is a product of my selfishness, although I am surrounded by great women who constantly uplift me, amazing children who continually make me laugh and remind me to not be so serious, and wonderful men that support my every whim, my intent is not to ignore or take advantage of these important people.

Carrie AnnCarrie has the uncanny ability to make everyone around her feel like she wants to get to know them. She takes advantage of every opportunity to help those who need her. She looks and prays for those chances to serve. She makes sure her life revolves around her children, making sure they are loved, protected and safe, is her solitary goal. She is soft spoken, yet firm when it is required. She treats my children as her own, and they in turn love her for it. Although she is not publicly affectionate with her husband, she loves him with every inch of her sole. She strives to make his life easier and very much appreciates his hard work so she is able to spend her days raising her children. She loves her extended families and speaks of them in high regard. She feels very lucky to have in laws that accept and embrace her. She misses her parents and sisters and makes the effort to talk frequently and stay close.

Most of all, to me, she is my example. Carrie has so many amazing qualities that I want in my life. I can only hope as we spend time together they will rub off in me. She quite possible is one of my very few best friends. She would do anything I asked of her without any hesitation, but I hardly have to ask, she just does it before I know I need it. I would not be the parent I am without my village and she is a key part. I am so blessed to have her in my life............
plain and simple........ I love her!

Becky, what can I say about Becky, she is my hero! She is a rock. She is absolutely and totally devoted to her children. She is committed to bringing out he best in each of her children, she spends every waking hour worrying and praying for the success of her girls. She doats on her husband and craves opportunities to spend time with him. I have never heard a negative word come from her mouth about someone else, yet she will defend those she loves to the bitter end. She is kind and extremely thoughtful and perceptive. She senses when someone is sad and is always there with a shoulder to cry on. She loves her siblings and would walk across coals for them even if she believes they aren't making the right choices. She has an amazing testimony, loves her Savior and is always striving to please him and in turn she is blessed.

Mostly, I love Becky for her loyalty and dedication to our friendship. There is never two days in a row that she doesn't check in with me and make sure I am OK. She makes me feel important in her life. Becky is fun, she has so much energy and I love when she pulls me in. I can't help but be happy around her. I am lucky to have found such a great friend. I love her dearly!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Premier Week

Well, first things first! It is true, the long awaited premiere week is finally upon us!!! For everyone who knows me my "shows" are a huge release for me at the end of my day. I love to make sure all my favorites are recorded and ready for viewing as soon as the kids are securely in bed for the night. With Diet Pepsi in hand, my viewing pleasure begins.

Here are my absolute favs, a few that I really like, and a couple I am sad to say, I can't give up.

Don't judge me, there are many and some I am not proud of but hey,
I guess that's just ME, right?

The Office...... do I really need to explain myself on this one?
OK, possibly I do. One of the most politically incorrect shows I have ever scene.
Simply put, it's a train wreck and I am a rubbernecker.
Without a Trace - I began watching this crime drama about the missing persons division of the FBI when my cute mom was staying with my kids while we were gone. Apparently she had a fight with the DVR and ended up recording somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 episodes right at the end of the regular season of TV. Perfect timing, I was having "show" withdraws and there were 10 episodes recorded of a new show I had never seen. In the end I really enjoyed it.
Lipstick Jungle - Super fun woman power show! Three women who seemingly have it all, amazing careers, rediculously wealthy boyfriends, doating husbands, adorable children, and the list goes on and on!
OK, now the real reason I am addicted......
Robert Buckley (Kirby) or as I like to affectionatly refer to him, Super Hottie! Oh My....
The New Adventures of Old Christine - In the words of Monica from friends, "It is so funny I may have peed just a little bit." Why am I so fascinated by those who are train wrecks?
Private Practice - So I started watching it because I felt bad that Adison got voted off the Gray's Anatomy island. I liked her character, minus the whole adultury with the best friend thing. Ended up pleasently surprised, Tay Diggs, need I say more?
Pushing Daisies - Stay with me on this one! GREAT new show! Not your average story line, I love the way the story is narrated and I am so refreshed to see a silly super power. Fun show I hope it stays!
Desperate Housewives - I held out for so long on this one! I just started watching last year....... Why didn't someone slap me! I think I feel like I live on Wisteria Lane sometimes, which one do you think I am?
ER - I know! Give it up already! I have watched this show since the very first season, I think I am still watching out of a matter of principal. I have to see it throught to the end. Thank goodness this year is the end!
Gray's Anatomy - In the beginning I was grawn in by the Mereditha nd Derrick plot, but enough is enough! Poop or get off the pot! I do really enjoy most of the other charaters and their drama, although, in my opinion the killed Denny off way to soon (unless they are going to pull a Days of Our Lives).
How I Met Your Mother - I am so glad my brother/sister in law recommended this show to us. On the other hand, Doogie, I mean Barney better snap out of it fast cuz his charater is going down the crapper.
The Big Bang Theory - This sitcom may rival The New Adventures of Old Christine for my favorite! It's the age old problem of brains vs. beauty, but these guys aren't your average brains, more correctly put they are mega brains. Funny, funny, funny crap!!!!!
Boston Legal - Once again, I was a late comer to this drama, and yet it may be my favorite drama! There hasn't ever been an episode when the dry and mostly off color humor didn't leave me wanting more! After being a loyal fan for the last couple years, I definately feel I have a deeper understanding and compassion for those who are afflicted by mad cow........... ;)
Brothers and Sisters - I feel right at home with the Walker family, aside from the gay brother, the dead father, the cheating brother and brother in law, the sister and uncle who lost the family fortune, the fathers mistress who has a daughter, the mistress' daughter who finds out the Walker dad isn't her father, the brother who falls in love with his eledged sister, the sister who is married to a presidential candadite and the widowed mother out playing the field when she isn't interfeering in each of her childrens lives. Can you see how I feel right at home? Nevertheless, it's a train wreck and you know what I say about train wrecks......
Criminal Minds - Who doesnt need a good absolutly disturbing crime drama in the line up? The Behavior Analisys Unit (BAU) is super interesting, or at least how it is portrayed for TV. Yet, after watching it I still have nights that I have to sing a primary song to go to sleep. This is also one of Corey's favorites to watch with me.
The Bachelor - Remember how I said there were some that I wasn't proud of...... Well here it is, I am out of the closet and I am here to say I am strangly drawn to this form of finding someone to marry. I have had quite a few years to examine why and I think I have come up with a pretty good answer. IT'S ABSURD!!!! How anyone thinks that this is a good idea is beyond me!!! Jason from last season is the new Bachelor this season, I think Deanna was retarded for not choosing him, he was so cute! To each his own......... Good luck Jason, much to my dismay, I will be rooting for you.