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Friday, November 21, 2008

A Night (and morning) of Twilight

Carrie dawning her Team Edward fashion T, Brenda flaunting her Cullen coat of arms hoodie, Amelia strutting her McDreamy, McSteamy, McSparkly classic T, Aria making a production in her Team Edward - Cause Jacob doesn't Sparkle couture (check the hooker boots!), and Becky sporting her Team Jacob attire (she's not afraid to be different!)
We arrived at the "Prom" fashionably late, around 9:30pm and were ushered down the red carpet, flashes going off all around us! (VIP's remember?!? ;) Using the VIP entrance, we made our appearance at the first ever Twilight Prom where we were assaulted with every Twilight product we could even imagine, food named after all the characters, a blood chocolate fountain, Alice's salon and so much more!
Having a moment with Edward.....Carrie (before picture) getting her locks done.Super Hot! (after photo) Now you are ready for the prom Carrie!
Becky (forcibly) having her nails painted black. Bec, I think she got some on your knuckles.....

Getting ready for the movie to start!

SUPER fun movie and well worth the wait and anticipation! I loved it!!! I won't go into detail, as not to spoil it for everyone, but I will say the crooked smile is super hot and definitely Edward grew on me!

All in all, a really fun night with my best girl friends who I love dearly! (missed you Amy! ;)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Twilight Eve!

Twas the night before twilight.....
......you are seeing it correctly, I am in pocession of a Twilight Prom VIP pass for the midnight showing tomorrow night! I am all geared up with my "TEAM EDWARD" shirt and my "Cullen" coat of arms zip hoodie, my VIP pass and my "Superman wears Alice Cullen Pajamas" car vinyl, I guess you can say I am 100% ready and super excited for my girls night out!
(or as Corey refers to it, "Our night of Mormon Porn")
I know it's silly but silly is fun......right?!?!?!
I honor and anticipation of this event, I have filled my playlist with some songs from the twilight soundtrack. Which, incidently, has hit #1 and has become only the second soundtrack in history to become #1 BEFORE a movie is released! (eat Edwards shorts Eminem!) Thanks to all the MoMo moms (not making fun, I bought it too!)

A special shout to Aria for making this all possible! I Heart You!