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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I just found this site that I absolutely love! It has ways and ideas on how to make everything in your life better. I for one can use the ideas, I am not arrogant enough to believe that I can figure it out all on my own. I just read this article on "How To Be More Adventurous", something I want to teach my children and at the same time learn myself. Our family has such a great opportunity where we live to find adventures around us everyday, I plan on taking full advantage of this!

Here is the article if you are interested in being more adventurous.......also check out www.wikihow.com to learn how to "Accept and Oscar" or maybe even "Be a Great Neighbor".
PS - as you are reading if any of the yellow highlighted word sound like something you would liek to learn more about click on it and it will take you right into wikihow, and you can learn more about the subject!

How to Be Adventurous

This is a featured article. Click here for more information.

Tired of doing the same old thing? Want to spice things up? There's more to being adventurous than traveling and climbing mountains. The formula for adventure is really quite simple: Novelty + courage = adventure. So what are you waiting for? Read up and embark on your next adventure!

  1. Put a new twist on the same old thing. Come into your house through your window instead of your front door. Take the long road home. Study the kama sutra. Cook an exotic meal. Wear something totally out of character. Go to the movies in your high school prom dress. Learn a new language and whisper sweet nothings into the ear of your loved one, or the hottie at the bar. Whatever it is that you're doing, ask yourself: "How can I do this differently?" Even something as mundane as brushing your teeth can take on a whole new level of fun when you practice a tap dancing routine or belly dance at the same time!
  2. Conquer your fears. You know what they are, and once you overcome them, that'll open the door to a whole new set of adventures. Whether it's heights, public speaking, karaoke, your mother-in-law...face it. Remember that fear is a biological response to worrying about death. If the situation that scares you isn't life-threatening, there isn't any reason to be scared!
  3. Talk to strangers. The best way to find new adventures is through new people. Everybody has different experiences and a different background; every person can teach you something new. Maybe that guy sitting across from you at the coffee shop can show you how to climb a mountain. Maybe the old lady in the library can teach you how to preserve fifty pounds of tomatoes. Maybe the quiet girl at the bar can offer you a place to stay with her cousin in Buenos Aires, or Budapest, or Bolivia. Get over your approach anxiety and start talking to people! Who cares if they brush you off? What's the big deal? It isn't going to kill you, right? (Well....see the Warnings below.)
  4. Try new things. Always be on the lookout for new things to do. Read the local papers, and ask people (now that you're chatting up a storm with strangers) what they're doing in their spare time. Go to a local farm and ask if you can milk a cow. Film a documentary. Take a ballet or salsa dance class. Meditate with Buddhist monks. Whatever it is, approach it with an open mind and a good attitude, and thank people for giving you the opportunity for trying something new.
  5. Get lost! Explore new territory. Once in a while, spend a day off just driving around randomly and seeing what you come across. (If you have a map and aren't too isolated, you should be able to find your way home.) If you have the means to do so, visit another country. Even if you can't travel, you can climb the tree in your backyard--that's new territory, and you'll probably enjoy the view!
  6. Make a bucket list. A bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you "kick the bucket". Surely, you don't want to die having followed the same old routine, day in, day out, do you? So write up that list - complete with goals big and small, like skydiving in Peru, and whistling with a blade of grass - and get to it!
  7. Live in the moment. Adventurers are experts in focusing on the journey rather than the destination. Yes, they usually have a goal in mind, but when you're trying new things, plans always change and your route will, too! You'll need to be resourceful and, more importantly, be a good sport. When things go wrong (which they will, or else you're not pushing far enough outside your comfort zone) don't get moody and distraught; outline your options, pick one, and charge forward with your life. And have fun!


Nichole Lowe said...

Ok I had to laugh at the brushing your teeth while you belly dance or tap dance. The first image that pops into my mind is tap dancing while brushing your teeth and Corey walk in on you and giving you a look of "my wife has officially lost it". Sorry it makes me chuckle. I do like the idea of trying to be more adventerous though.

Madi said...

Whistling with a blade of grass? I've always wanted to do that! Hopefully I'll be a pro at it before I get wrinkles like that dude! I love all the ideas! See, you're such a fun person...even when you are sick! I hope tomorrow comes fast for you! Feel better!

Madi said...

That was from me, not Miss Madi...


amy16 said...

I like the last part about traveling and enjoying the journey not just the destination. I think standby travel has made me do that, but I struggle with not getting disappointed when plans get totaly get messed up. That is one of my own going personal goals. If you can totally learn to "roll with the punches" everything can be an adventure.

Speaking of adventure....what do you think about a girls trip in Mexico?

.........Still ME! said...

I'm in! When??? Do we have to fly stand by?

Becky Gray said...

I love the website.... it is on my favorites now. Only 7 more days :)

amy16 said...

Well, I randomly picked the second weekend in May. And no one "has to" fly standby. I will be though, and you're welcome to. We'll chat if you're interested.
We need to get the others on board. They don't think they can do Mexico without their hubbies. I say whatever!!! Bring on the spa and sea and sun, with no men or kids. Now that's a girls trip, no that's an ADVENTURE!

Love ya

Jeremy and Shauni said...

What fun ideas! I definitely need to be more adventurous. Maybe I'll try wearing my prom dress to the movies next time I go and see what kind of looks I get! :) I also love your list of New Years Resolutions...you go girl! But to be quite honest with you, it makes me tired just reading it. You are a wonder woman. Maybe I could try just one of the items on your list and I'll feel successful! :)

Marinda said...

Wow, it's a new Brenda. Can't wait to see what becomes of her. :)

.........Still ME! said...

Don't expect too much, I talk big....

The Hunters! said...

Well, you've started it Bren! My friend Brienne read my Picture Perfect Friends post and was also inspired and did one of her own. I wonder how many others will do the same?? You are such an innovator!!