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Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 10 people to be tagged. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

-In no particular order-

1-To fall asleep, I need to touch Corey's leg with my foot. It is a comfort thing, I just want to make sure he is there, I don't need to snuggle with the furnace, I just need his leg.

2-I can pick out my pillow in a stack of 50. I love my pillow and can't sleep without it. It's funny because Corey's is the same pillow, but I know mine from his.

3-I love blogging! I love to show off my kids and the funny things they do. I am so proud of them and I want everyone to know it.

4-I love my TV shows! I very much look forward to the time after we put the kids in bed. It's very relaxing and I love to escape reality for a bit each day. Let me just sing praises to the invention of DVR.

5-Diet Pepsi - I think it should be included in the food pyramid. It makes me SO happy!

6-I am extremely selfish. I like to pamper myself; spas, pedicures, shopping, dates with Corey, surprises, time to get ready in the morning, sleeping in on weekends, just to name a few, there are many more.

7-I mate for life. This means Corey, obviously, but it also means my friendships. Once my friend, always my friend. I consider myself to be very loyal.

8-I have a philosophy, "If it stands still long enough, I will paint it." A little paint makes everything look better.

9-Things I don't do: water flowers or plants, take the garbage to the street (OK, I will when Corey is out of town), mow the lawn, make beds on a daily basis (just when I change sheets), wash windows, iron

10-I hate open cabinets. If I come into the kitchen and can tell exactly what Corey has eaten for breakfast because the cabinets that are open.....twitch.

11-I am inordinately proud of my children. I love to watch them learn new things and show me. I love how proud they are when they have made something. I am pretty sure my children are absurdly smart and will excel at everything they do. I love to make my children laugh, for some reason they think I am funny at times and I love to over do it and make them laugh harder. I pray daily for them and for myself that I might have more patience in teaching them and helping them develop to their full potential.

12-I love SUSHI, hate butter popcorn, love chewy candy, hate sloppy Mexican food

13-I use to despise peanut butter until I had Rhys and friend brought dinner to us. For dessert she made peanut butter squares. I was so unbelievably drawn to them and at the same time grossed out. I had conditioned myself to not like peanut butter and all I could think about was eating the whole pan of PB squares. Needless to say, because I have no will power, I gave into the urge and couldn't get enough.

14-I can't think of anything more relaxing than when someone plays with my hair. My friend Joanne says I am boring when she cuts my hair because I get drowsy and relax too much to have a good conversation with. Also I love to have my hair pulled on, super relaxing!

15-I have stopped praying for patience. It has recently been brought to my attention that as I have been praying for increased patience on a daily basis, I have been blessed abundantly with "situations that test my patience" and I continue to fail in each instance. Thus, I have stopped praying for patience and started praying for the knowledge to teach my children. DUH! Can you believe it's taken this long to figure it out!!!

16-I love creative outlets! Anytime I can make/create something new, I will jump at the chance. I think I am creative and crafty (don't burst my bubble). When I see a project I immediately start to think how I can produce it and even make it better and my own. I apparently think I can do anything if I try.

17-I absolutely live for my birthday!! I think everyone should stop what they are doing and spend the whole day celebrating and surprising me! I love to do the same for others birthdays because I believe that birthdays are the one day a year it's all about you! Also, I become very annoyed when the birthday boy or girl doesn't appreciate what is being done for them! (ie:Corey)

18-I love vacations. I would jump at any chance to travel with my family or show my kids something new. I want my kids to enjoy and appreciate the world around them and have the chance to have many adventures.

19-I am in my 31st year and have never been to Disneyland! What bubble did I grow up in?! It seem silly but I am so excited to take my kids to Disneyland this year and experience it with them for the first time!

20-I am so grateful for my brothers and sisters(s) - Martin's and Enloes' - I have been blessed with amazing sisters and sister-in-laws that love me and my family unconditionally and as we all grow, I believe we aren't just sisters, I love that they are some of my best friends. As a brother should be, he is my hero, he may not know it but I look up to him and want to follow his example. I love getting to know my brother-in-laws better, I believe they are great men and great fathers.

21-I LOATH shaving and plan to remove every inch of hair from my nose to my toes before I turn 35. I know, a lofty goal for Sasquatch but I believe it can be accomplished.

22-I suck at cooking/baking. I actually have the desire to learn and so but desire and capability are two very different things. Each time I cook, something goes wrong, whether it be small or large there is always a problem.

23-I love to make Corey giggle. This may not be something he wants everyone to know, but it's is one of my most favorite sounds. He does it when he is genuinely happy, I like to think it is just for me.

24-I adore baby feet. I love everything about them! I will kiss them, smell them and generally eat them up! There is nothing more sweet than little baby pigs!

25-I am darn near legally blind and "will never be a candidate for lasic surgery", these were the words I heard when I went for my first lasic appointment. I have worn glasses since I was 3 and I was so looking forward to finding out how others see. I sobbed for hours after I was told this, not to mention that my eyesight is getting worse everyday!

Wow, I wasn't sure I was that interesting, alas, I am! HAHAHAHA
Now it's your turn.... I tag......... (I know there's more than 10, but it's my game)
Carrie, Becky, Amy, Jamie, Aria, Shar, Joanne, Vanessa, Heather, Leslie, Liz, Marinda, and Nichole


G&G Martin said...

I really enjoyed reading this. Even though I knew many of the things you mentioned it was good to read them again. It was very enlightening and found it very astoot on your part that you can identify so many things and put them into writting. Thanks for sharing the deepest of things with everyone.

Tolman Family said...

I'm glad that I already know those things about you. Wait, I did'nt know that by 35 you'll be hairless. Let me know how that goes for you!

The Hunters! said...

Well that was sort of hard!! But I thought of 25 things!! I love that you are going to be a designer hairless, that is so Trophy Wife!! We find out what we are having tomorrow! Talk to you soon, miss you!

Becky Gray said...

I love this post... Everything about you is so interesting :) I love it when you make Corey laugh too.. His laugh is infectious. I hope by the time you are 35 you are hairless too.(nose down only)

Sharlene Enloe said...

I pretty much knew most of the stuff you put in there, but it was so fun to hear it from you. It makes me happy!

Lindsey Lu said...


Vanessa said...

Oh my...Reading this brings me back to all the times of hanging out with you and knowing that you are truly a great person! You made me laugh and cry! I am so going to try not praying for patience anymore...because it just aint workin!!! haha! When I read the part about Disneyland...seriously what bubble were you under J/K but OH I so wish I could be a fly that day and watch both you and your cute kids!! It is the best place on earth! Anyway, thx for the tag...how will I ever even hold a candle to this! Love ya!

Leslie said...

I knew there was a reason we were friends! Since we don't see each other much I forget how much we have in common! I love you and miss you everyday!