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Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Abundantly Blessed"

Our lesson in Relief Society today was titled, "Abundantly Blessed". From start to finish, my mind was working and thinking of the many things I have been blessed with and by. The Lord has seen fit to watch over me and my family and for this I feel truly blessed. At this point in my life, I can't help but feel like this has been a bit one sided. I truly feel the NEED, not want, to show my appreciation and gratitude to my Heavenly Father. The phrase, "Where much is given, much is required", is pressing me to do more in my life. Corey and I sat down recently and discussed our "goals" for the year as a family, couple and individuals, in the end we decided that doing this makes us accountable. Therefore, I am not only telling the world my shortcomings, I am asking that you hold me accountable. In no particular order, I am making a list of goals, resolutions, commitments, what ever you would like to refer to them as, mainly for me but please make me accountable and ask how I am doing. It's a long list and a long road but I am willing to do what is required. (I hope this makes sense, it does in my mind)

1- Work on more patience
2- Get healthy
3- Find/buy a home for our family
4- Study the D&C Sunday School lesson BEFORE Sunday
5- Instate Family Night
6- Read my scriptures every day
7- Read with my kids every day
8- Personal prayers every day
9- Treat my children with more respect and love
10- Be a better wife
11- Be a better mom
12- Be a better sister
13- Be a better friend
14- Find opportunities to serve more (pay attention!)
15- Play more games with my kids
16- Hug my family more often
17- Exercise more
18- Find ways to surprise Corey
19- Scrapbook more
20- Finish all the cards I have started
21- Learn to road bike
22- Hike Sopris
23- Volunteer at the boys schools more
24- Work on scrapbooks twice a month (minimum)
25- Learn digital scrapbooking
26- Do 1/2 digital scrap pages 1/2 paper made
27- Learn how to use Photoshop, take Photoshop class
28- Find and purchase a 12x12 printer (anyone know where I can find one?)
29- Market vinyl products in our area
30- Help Malik prepare for his baptism
31- Make a testimony book for Malik
32- Finish the kids quiet books
33- Spend less money, stick to the budget
34- Plan menus each week
35- Read a book once a month
36- Take the kids to Disneyland (my first time too!)
37- Date Corey
38- Take a girls trip with my ladies
39- Keep current with my journal/blog
40- Take more pictures
41- Overlook the things that really don't matter
42- Find more things everyday that make me happy
43- Find things that make my family happy and do them
44- Remember birthdays
45- Refer to this list often!

I know, I know, serious list huh? I want to be better and do better for myself and those around me. Although these are pretty lofty goals, I KNOW I can be and do better..... pray for me......


Edgar, Kyndi, Graci, Cielo said...

k- reading your list made me think of how I have already been looking up to you my whole life on everything. For example, You said find more things to be happy about each day and I remembered the 10,000 things to be happy about book that you gave me... (nailed 2 things right there-in tune with the Spirit enough to realize I needed that and the happy thing)
You might think you need to work on all of those things but just remember how well you are already doing and what a great example/friend/aunt you have already been. BTW, I'm actually gald to see that someone else has set such high goals for themselves-I don't feel so alone now. You're doing great!! Luv ya tunz!! (and this may not make any sense but it makes sense in my head :)

amy16 said...

The good thing is you have scrapbooking on there at least 4 times. That means it's really important, and I know how happy you get when you scrapbook. If your happy you have more patience and that will make you want to do things with your kids and your husband.....all of a sudden you've taken care of, like, 10 things!

Keep up the good work.

Nichole Lowe said...

I love it. There were so many things on their that I to want to do this year. I may just have to copy the idea and make a list of my own. I wished we lived closer cause then we could scrapbook together. Also some of your stuff about being a great wife and mother, I think you are doing awesome. I know we all feel we could be better but you impress me with your patience.

Becky Gray said...

ok now that I have read your list I feel guilty.... I need to make me a list too. You are a great example. Love ya bun

G&G Martin said...

Some of those goals will be accomplished by others and you are already doing most of them anyway.
What a good example to all of us.
Thanks for sharing what is close to you.It will be fun to have check points. I need to get my goals on paper so they will be more noticed by myself.

The Hunters! said...

Gawl Dang Hun! That looks like my list! Except the Scrapbooking part... We can do it together!
I have my first Doctors appointment today and only one more month until I find out what I am having. Wahooo!
I miss you too, so much and I hope that you know that I think about you much much much more that I actually call you!! I'll put that on my list of goals, do a better job at staying in touch!! I hope that everyone there is happy and healthy and I'll will talk to you soon!! Lots of Love ~ Jame

The Hunters! said...

ps... We totally have the same background! Man, we have great taste!!

girlygirl said...

Great - and ambitious - list Brenda! I see many on there I need to replicate on my own! Thanks for sharing!

Noni said...

Okay so I didn't think you'd consider digiscrapping. What put you up to that? And why the printer? A friend told me of a fairly cheap site that will print for you!!

And love that you're so specific on your family goals!!! Not just be better mom.... that is usually mine!

Take care!!