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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Brenda needs.......Corey needs.......

OK, this was pretty funny. My girlfriend Leslie tag me with this one and I hadn't seen it before. I had a good laugh though.

Google your name and needs (Brenda needs) then jot down the top 10 things you "need". I laughed pretty hard at my number one.

1- Brenda needs her medication.
2- Brenda needs a bra.
3- Brenda needs a partner.
4- Brenda needs to run.
5- Brenda needs your prayers.
6- Brenda needs to get it together.
7- Brenda needs blood transfusion.
8- Brenda needs help.
9- Brenda needs a substitute.
10- Brenda needs Close to My Heart.
Does anyone see a pattern here?

I also googled Corey's "needs", they were even more funny.

1- Corey needs a hair cut.
2- Corey needs a job.
3- Corey needs a family.
4- Corey needs a date for prom.
5- Corey needs a vacation.
6- Corey needs you.
7- Corey needs numbers.
8- Corey needs help and advise.
9- Corey needs a ride.
10- Corey needs a webpage.
Once again, I see a pattern.

Now, do it if you want and share, it was fun!


The Hunters! said...

That is hysterical!! I think that I might have to do that!

The Enloe Family said...

That's funny!!! Your number 1 is hilarious and should probably be my number one too!!!!

Noni said...

okay okay enough of yours and Corey's needs what about my needs??? I needs you to update?

& it was great to see you the other day!!!!

girlygirl said...

unless your me and then you get some really crazy stuff:

Chassie needs a fabricator
needs a front clip
needs hauled
needs work (well that one applies)
another roof scene (wtf)
serial number needs changed